10 things to do when it rains in Phuket

Travel blogger Holly O’Sullivan learned the hard way that you can’t always rely on non-stop sunshine when you’re travelling, and on a recent visit to Phuket, despite the rain, she was determined to enjoy herself.

It was raining the day I arrived in Phuket but I made it my mission not to let it stop me from enjoying my trip.

Luckily a lot of companies allow you to postpone tours because they themselves don’t know how the weather will turn out – but some operators still continue through the rain.

What to do in phuket when it rains: Caron Beach

Here are some things to do during a rainy holiday in Phuket

1. Get a spa treatment

One of the best ways to experience some of Thailand’s culture is to sample one of the various types of spa treatments available. My top two recommendations would be:

Thai Massage: these are usually done without oils, in comfortable silk pyjamas – often Thai massages take place in private room divided by curtains with dim lighting. Thai massages are relaxing, yet more energizing than most forms of massages. A popular comment made is that having a Thai massages is like doing yoga without any work. Get bent in all different directions with a Thai Massage that leaves every joint cracked and every knot removed.

Milk baths: can you really leave Phuket without taking advantage of one of the beautiful milk baths filled with flowers? An unforgettable experience is to get a scrub and massage treatment, which consists of being covered in a body scrub, then relaxing in a milk bath, and finishing off with an oil massage.

Trick Eye Museum Phuket

2. Trickeye Museum

One to take the family to, Phuket’s Trickeye Museum is an experience that will fill up your photo albums. ‘Museum’ probably isn’t the best term, as it is an interactive experience with 3D paintings that offer unique photo opportunities.

3. Phuket Aquarium

You’re on an island that is pretty well known for its snorkelling opportunities, so if it’s raining, why not get a better look at the fish? The recently renovated Phuket Aquarium is a great place to take the family, and gives the kids a chance to run around in the underwater tunnels.

What to do in phuket when it rains: Phang Na Bay

4. Phang Nga Bay day tours

Sure you’re probably thinking, why would I want to do the Phang Nga Bay tour in the rain? But once you’re out discovering caves and mangroves you’ll realise that Phang Nga Bay can be just as beautiful in the rain.

5. Stroll through the Upside Down House

Baan Teelanka, is the first and only upside down house in Thailand and is whatever you make of it – certainly a few good photo opportunities. With free WiFi, you are able to stay connected to your social media and post some of the unique photos that the attraction provides.

What to do in phuket when it rains: cooking class

6. Take a cooking class

A lot of Phuket’s hotels have cooking classes so guests are able to learn and make traditional Thai cuisines. Popular dishes to be made in cooking classes are; Thai Green Curry, Som Tam, and Tom Yam Goong.

7. Have a go at Thai Boxing

If you’ve already taken a stroll down Bangla Road by Patong Beach, you’ll realise just how popular Thai boxing is. Exciting enough on TV, if you’re not going to attend a live show, you can take a class. There are many training camps all over Phuket and all cater for different skill levels – from beginners to professionals.

What to do in phuket when it rains: Fantasea

8. Phuket FantaSea

With transfers provided to and from your accommodation, Phuket Fantasea is a great rainy day option. With acrobatic performers swirling in the air above your seat, magic tricks, tigers, a gripping storyline… then the finale! Elephants standing on tiny tables, elephants standing on two feet, elephants standing on two feet in rows… who even knew that elephants could move in that way?

What to do in phuket when it rains: Old Phuket Town

9. Explore Old Phuket

Phuket Town is a historical town that makes a part of Phuket City – it’s main street is Thalang Road which is home to cafes, bars and shops all within the traditional architecture that was constructed many years ago when Phuket was a centre for tin mining.

What to do in phuket when it rains: Phang Na Bay

10. Go white water rafting

So it pretty much says it in the name, but what are the chances you wouldn’t get wet when white water rafting? So adding a little rain to that could make it even more exciting. There are quite a few white water rafting operators in Phuket, some which also include elephant trekking.

Holly O’Sullivan blogs about her travels at THATraveller.com and visited Phuket as a guest of the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

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