Baan Salak Khok

For the traveling tourist who seeks far more than just to experience the beauty of a change of scenery, Ban Salak Khok is probably the best bet, with its large surface area, covered in naturally thriving mangrove forests accounting for the ultimate environment for the full Monty when it comes to a tourism experience never to be forgotten.

Forget the sheer beauty of the environment (kind of hard to do though as it rivals some of the world’s best), what you can expect to get out of your visit to the Ban Salak Khok Village is nothing less than a demonstration of all known aspects of tourism.

If it is adventure your heart desires, Ban Salak Khok has you covered with their selection of activities to keep you very busy during the day and have you go to sleep in the night like a school boy who has diligently finished all their homework.

Kayaking is the main adventurous attraction of the touring group who make their way down the way of Ban Salak Khok village, and it’s not very hard to see why this is the favorite activity, since the environment just adds a whole new dimension to what is otherwise a simple activity, that is catered for anywhere else.

Before you head on in for a sunset lit dinner, which will do well to set you into true holiday mode, with a hint of romance if the mood takes you, you can also take advantage of the unwaveringly calm waters that meander into some majestically beautiful mountainous surroundings, from the ocean-breeze tagged mouth of the sea, on a Mat boat and experience the lighter side of the villagers’ sailing exploits.

If the physical participation in all the various activities and offerings of the Ban Salak Khok Village doesn’t have you gyrating with first-hand knowledge of the place and its habitat, then you can top off your stay with some light nature courses offered in the area.