Koh Kradad

Kradad Island

Kradad Island is like a nature park because there are thousands of deer living here freely. Some people call this island The Safari of the Gulf of Thailand. Kradad Island is an island in the group of Mak Island which is about 35 kilometers from the mainland and just one kilometer from Mak Island. Tourists can travel there by ferryboat and it takes just 10 minutes. Koh Kradad is a private island with no inhabitants. Most of the island is so flat that it looks just like a floating sheet of paper in the sea. This is the origin of the name “Kradad (paper in the Thai language)

For tourists who visit Mak Island and want to go to Kradad Island, you can call Koh Kradad Resort to ask for a boat to pick you up at Laem Son. You can travel around Kradad Island within 2-3 hours and spend time seeing the flock of deer. The best time to see the flock of more than a thousand deer is around 4-5 pm or in the morning when the sunlight is not strong. After seeing the deer a tractor will take you to the beach at the back of the island. Here, inclining coconut trees are the symbol of the island. You can take a rest at the beach and swim in the clear blue sea.

Another of the activities that you should not miss is diving. The undersea world of Trat is as attractive as other well-known islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Here you can find a place to read a favorite book, relax, and have a night party here. There is just one resort, the Koh Kradad Resort that provides food and refreshments for visitors arriving on daytrips and overnight accommodation for those wishing to stay longer.

How to Get There

Kradad Island is located in the East of Mak Island, Koh Kood District, Trat Province. You can go there by taxi to Laem Son, Mak Island. Then, take a long-tailed boat provided by Koh Kradad Resort.

High season: winter and summer