Surin Islands Marine National Park

The five gorgeous isles of the Surin Islands Marine National Park sit 60km offshore, 5km from the Thailand–Myanmar marine border. It is one of the dive sites in the world where whale sharks are most often found. Richelieu Rock—with large underwater rock formations of various sizes, is a spectacular dive spot with colourful marine life including damsels, angelfish and thousands of anthias, as well as frogfish, clown shrimps, seahorses, nudibranchs and the elusive ghost pipe fish. Divers will also see schools of fusiliers, barracuda, bat fish and giant snapper. Shallow coral reefs lining the sheltered coasts of the Surin Islands provide extensive opportunities for snorkellers to enjoy the most pristine corals in Thailand. The reefs provide shelter as well as feeding and spawning grounds for marine animals. The site has been voted by snorkellers as the most spectacular snorkelling spot in Thailand.