Koh Sai Kaow, Talay Waek

Koh Sai Kaow, Talay Waek

When talking about Talay Waek or the Seperated Sea, many people imagine the picture of the white sand ridge that separates the sea at Koh Kai, Koh Tub and Koh Mor in the Andaman sea at Krabi. This new Talay Waek is not far from Bangkok, in the eastern sea around Koh Chang. It is easy to get here and worth coming especially on the southern side near Salakpetch Bay. You can see a separated sea without having to travel to the Andaman Sea.

The original name of Koh Sai Kaow was Koh Praow Nai matched as a pair with Koh Praw Nork. It is on the south of Koh Chang, Salakpetch Bay, Amphur Koh Chang, Trad province.  If you travel from Bangkok to Trad and cross to Koh Chang, you will arrive at Salakpetch Bay on the afternoon and it is not worth hiring a boat so late in the day. The best choice is to check in at a resort first and have dinner at a seafood restaurant. For those who book a home stay they can join with the owner in the evening. At night, if it is the backwater season, there will be squids in the bay that can be caught and eaten fresh. The atmosphere is beautiful year-round but especially during winter and summer.

On the following morning, tourists can hire a boat at Salakpetch Seafood and Resort or Salakpetch Touring Club for a whole day round trip (lunch not provided). For those who choose a package tour of home stay or resort at Salakpetch bay, after breakfast they can go diving at Rang Island where there are many corals and shoals of beautiful fish to see. After that, the touring boat will take you to Koh Lao Yha where you can take a walk along the beach and over the bridge that connects to Lao Yha where there is beautiful photogenic scenery. Lastly, the touring boat will take you back to Salakpetch bay stopping at Koh Sai Kaow where you can see the beauty of the white sand ridge as the last destination of the trip. Not only the beauty of the white sand ridge that is popular here, but also the route around the island. There is also a cliff at the end of the island. In the past, many tourists used to come here for climbing.


Tourists can take a ten-minute boat ride from Salakpetch Bay by hiring a long-tail from Salakpetch Touring Club.

Another possibility is a package tour of the other islands in the Koh Chang region or contact Salakpetch Seafood and Resort for their speed boat service, tel 039 553 099-100