Sleeping with History: 6 Historic Bangkok Hotels

Guest blogger John Borthwick hits the nostalgia trail amid history-themed Bangkok hotels.

1. Shanghai Mansion Hotel

Shanghai Mansion has a long head start in the “Sinostalgia” business. This 76-room hotel on Yaowarat Road in the heart of Bangkok’s Chinatown was built in 1892 and has been a Chinese opera house, stock exchange and textile trading house, and since 2006 a boutique hotel. Continue reading “Sleeping with History: 6 Historic Bangkok Hotels”

Koh Kret, Thailand’s unknown island

Koh Kret is a hidden gem that many international guests will not have heard of, although it is in fact the closest island to Bangkok. Travel writer Gary Walsh went exploring there recently.

Koh Kret is by no means your typical Thai island. There are no beaches, no elephant rides, no nightclub areas, and no full moon parties. And unlike Phuket or Koh Samui there’s no instant name recognition. So where is Koh Kret?

Continue reading “Koh Kret, Thailand’s unknown island”

Thailand’s ethical elephant encounters: our Top 7

Elephant Hills credit Pete McGee (12 of 13)
Photo: Pete McGee

Elephants are an integral part of Thailand’s history and culture, and elephant encounters are usually high on most visitors’ bucket-list activities. These days visitors to Thailand have a greater respect for elephants and are keen to visit find sanctuaries that treat elephants with the kindness and respect they deserve. Here’s a guide to the best of Thailand’s ethical elephant encounters. Continue reading “Thailand’s ethical elephant encounters: our Top 7”

Getting Married in Thailand – Holidays for Couples Complete Guide

Getting Married in Thailand Fotolia_100202497

Thought about spending your first moments as newlyweds and your first days as honeymooners in Amazing Thailand? The experts at Holidays for Couples have put together a comprehensive guide to getting married and honeymooning in Thailand. Everything you need to know, when to go, where to stay, the legalities of saying “I do” and how to choose the venue that’s perfect for you. Continue reading “Getting Married in Thailand – Holidays for Couples Complete Guide”