Elephant Hills Thailand

Elephant Hills Thailand

Elephant Hills are Thailand’s first Luxury Tented Jungle Camps, combining the camp idea of African national parks with the Thai tropical forest environment of our elephant park. We offer 2-4 day nature soft adventure tours in and around the stunningly beautiful Khao Sok national park area with luxury tents for night time accommodations.

The Elephant Camp comprises tailor-made luxury tents and has successfully been operated for over 10 years, becoming a popular destination for family vacations. The floating Rainforest Camp, one of the world’s only luxury floating tented camps, was opened in 2011 and is situated on the emerald green waters of Cheow Larn Lake. Both camps are situated in the Khao Sok National Park in Southern Thailand, approximately two hours apart from each other, close to famous beaches and honeymoon destinations like Phuket, Khao Lak, Krabi and even Koh Samui. To facilitate travels to Elephant Hills Luxury Tented Camps and elephant park, all transfers to and from Elephant Hills are included in the tour packages and honeymoon packages. For further information on this, please read our Transfer Policy. In addition to transfers, all Elephant Hills tours are fully inclusive of luxury tents accommodation, activities, meals as well as the services of an English speaking, fully trained, TAT-licensed tour guide. Due to ethical reasons we do not offer elephant riding at Elephant Hills. Instead, you will get to feed and interact with Asia’s largest land animal during our unique, award-winning Elephant Experience at our elephant park. When visiting Elephant Hills’ nature park, please also consider participating in our Children’s Project. Hundreds of local school children will be absolutely delighted if you do.

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