Virtual Reality brings ‘Discover Thainess’ to life

A virtual reality ‘Discover Thainess’ campaign was launched recently, harnessing the power of new media to bring authentic Thai local experiences to visitors – before they even step foot in Thailand.

Branded ‘Amazing Thailand VR’, there are three narrative representations that give potential visitors an insight into Thailand’s tourism offerings through interactive media.

According to TAT Governor Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, “When using ‘Head-Mounted Display’ (HMD) viewers, the experience makes them feel like they are lead characters in a film about visiting Thailand. In the process, they might learn more reasons to fall in love with Thai cultural heritage.

“We definitely expect the Amazing Thailand VR will encourage more international tourists to visit the country, experiencing the culture first – hand for themselves. Then it is only natural they could promote Thai tourism using other virtual reality resources or via social media,” Mr. Yuthasak added.

  1. Experience one features a journey into the ancient art of Muay Thai, as it takes viewers through the mesmerising Wai Khru ritual (paying respect to the Thai boxing master) performed before any Thai fight, and then through various stages of the martial arts’ training, technique development, and then as a fighter in a live Muay Thai boxing match where you hit the canvas, get up (a bit groggy) and continue the fight.
  2. In the second experience, HDM users step into a rural Thai local experience weaving Thai silk, using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation. As your weaving skills grow with experience, you will personally weave the Thai costume of your choice, and in the process learn about silk producing destinations throughout Thailand.
  3. Experience three is a story about the Thai culinary origins and Thai gastronomy tourism. Learn agrarian practices by planting a rice paddy at the start of the monsoon rains, and watch it grow through to the Autumn harvest. Grow other fresh farm foods and enjoy farm to plate freshness as you then cook delicious regional Thai dishes served with jasmine rice.

Viewers can watch or download Amazing Thailand VR here or from other content providers. For best results wear HMD headgear.

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