Exquisite Thai Flavours: Heritage, Traditional & Modern

With a wealth of history, culture and culinary artistry, there’s much more to Thai cuisine besides the popular staple dishes; Pad Thai, Tom Yum and Green Curry. Each Thai region has its own distinctive recipes and dishes that embody its unique culinary heritage and traditions as well as locally grown produce and ingredients. Restaurateur Chef Mod, originally from Central Thailand, travelled Thailand’s four regions to study the rich myriad flavours. He share his insights with Asian Inspirations.

“I used to be chubby because I love to eat. My favourite dish from grandma is Khai Palow (Five-Spice Egg and Pork Belly).”

As he grew older, so did his passion for food and cooking.

“I study herbs and cooking styles from different places. I used to stand next to the street stalls and watch how they cook.”

According to Chef Mod, Thai cuisine is heavily influenced by neighbouring countries. For example, dishes of the Northern Thai Yai ethnic group have their roots in Burmese flavours; and most Thai noodle dishes are Chinese influenced. Generally, Southern Thai food is spicier and stronger than Northern. Thai Royal traditional cuisine also forms a great part of Thai culinary culture, which in recent years has become more popular in restaurants.

“In Thailand, we call the three main ingredients; coriander roots, garlic and white pepper ‘The Three Musketeers’. As for chilli, fish sauce and shrimp paste, they are the other 3 essential ingredients for most Thai dishes.”

To access Chef Mod’s easy-ingredients recipes for all the dishes pictured here, visit the Asian Inspirations website.

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