From Hua Hin to Bangkok with Not Quite Nigella

“You looove Winter. Come on all those roasts…and errm cold and damp,” is a chant I often find saying to myself come June to August every year. And as hard as I try to psych myself into the Winter spirit, inevitably I succumb to my love of warm weather and head overseas. Even hearing the word Winter fills me with dread. But sometimes Winter time in Australia is the best time to visit a place, like for example Thailand where the temperature hovers at around 31C/87.8F and you are bathed in a warm balm that cocoons you nicely. And you’re just wearing a sun dress.

We arrive in Bangkok airport and it’s straight off to the van, our group of writers excitedly chattering and happy to leave the wintry weather behind. I get a message from Mr NQN, it is rainy and cold in Sydney. He is to join me in 7 days so I don’t feel so bad. But for the next week I will be travelling with the other writers around Thailand. And the first stop is Hua Hin on the West Coast of Thailand.

Click here to read on and drool over all the beautiful photos NQN took along the way…

Noodle dish at Floating markets

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