Phuket with Kids – 7 reasons to have a family holiday in Phuket

Phuket with kids – is it overrated and to be avoided or a great family holiday destination? Travel blogger Rene Young, decides to find out for herself why Phuket is till one of the most visited destinations for families on her blog; Together We Roam.

It was time we took a Phuket family holiday to see for ourselves, and answer the curious question: why Phuket with kids?

There’s a lot to love about Phuket, it’s easy to get to and around, there’s great family accommodation and it offers exceptional value for money. There are beautiful beaches and extraordinary experiences on offer – and when in Thailand anything goes. Here are our reasons to love a Phuket holiday:

1. Cheap Flights

Cheap flights direct to Phuket: A destination that offers heavily discounted flights (we’ve seen recent flights as low as $362 return per person from Sydney).

2. Value for money

Superb value for money family holiday with extras: There are some enticing holiday packages for Phuket and your dollar goes a little further. Food, drink and transportation is cheaper in Phuket although attractions and accommodation are on par to Aussie attractions. Families get more value for money and a taste of the exotic.

Phuket With Kids-Temple-Phuket-WatChalong

3. For all budgets

Caters to all budgets from five stars to backpackers: There is a huge selection of hotels, villas and resorts to choose from. There are loads of family friendly places to stay, all competing for your dollar, where there are kids clubs, playgrounds and resort facilities all aimed at families. Great bargains can be found as the competition keeps prices low.

4. Beautiful Beaches

Beautiful Phuket Beaches: One of the main draw-cards are the glorious white sandy beaches, along the popular Western Coast families can witness magical sunsets on the ocean.

5. Lots to Do

Wonderful places to visit in Phuket and things to do: See lofty limestone mountains tumbling into the shimmering Andaman Sea, visit colourful Thai temples where robe draped monks offer their blessings, or have a close encounter with rescued elephants! There are many wonderful experiences on offer for families.

Phuket With Kids-Phuket-MayaBeah-PhiPhiIslands-LongtailBoat-Boy

6. Delicious Thai Food

Delectable Thai food in Phuket: food elevates the experience in Phuket and Thai food is super convenient, affordable, varied and absolutely delicious. There are also loads of non-traditional options and a variety of restaurants on offer from sophisticated sit down dinners to casual street stalls and everything in between.

7. Wonderful Culture

Beautiful Thai Culture: the warm and friendly Thai hospitality can sometimes be lost in Phuket, overshadowed by brash Tuk Tuk drivers and lukewarm service from shop owners and tour operators. Explore Phuket and find that the friendly local smiles and openness has always been there. The majority of Thai’s in Phuket are kind and warm hearted, don’t let a few rotten eggs spoil the fun.

Phuket With Kids-KaronBeach-Sunset-Parachute-JetSki

Why go to Phuket with kids?

The key to conquering Phuket with kids is to look beyond the crowds, tacky shops, traffic congestion and touts out for a quick buck and are minor irritations at best which can be avoided. Phuket offers all the conveniences for an ideal beach getaway. Besides these imperfections make for a unique holiday experience with the benefits of good food, great family accommodation options, and beautiful beaches with superb sunset views.

Phuket can be as timid or as intense as you allow it to be. Explore Old Phuket Town’s history and architecture, barter over knock-off merchandise at markets, walk with rehabilitated elephants, jet boat to the sapphire blue waters of Phi Phi, set off personal fireworks beachside, or stay in the safe confines of a family friendly resort – all this without breaking the bank.

For more information, read Rene’s extremely comprehensive Complete Guide to Phuket With Kids.

About Phuket

Phuket, a rainforested, mountainous island in the Andaman Sea, has some of Thailand’s most popular beaches, mostly situated along the clear waters of the western shore.

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3 thoughts on “Phuket with Kids – 7 reasons to have a family holiday in Phuket

  1. Thai culture is one of the oldest and it has given a lot to the world be it hospitality, food, etiquettes, adventure, and of course, Muay Thai – deadliest martial art. Frankly speaking, I was skeptical about taking kids to Phuket since I thought the city is good only for revelers and binging. But since you have placed it in a totally different frame, I am changing my thoughts.

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