TV Chef Brett McGregor explores Thailand’s tastes

Meet Brett McGregor. Since entering MasterChef New Zealand back in 2010 Brett claims his life has been nothing short of amazing. He’s been lucky enough to follow his dream of working with food.

Brett’s love of food began as a child, watching and helping helping mum whizz up culinary creations.

Taste of a traveller brett macgregor

“For me, it was a great way of sneaking a few bites of dinner before anyone else – and with two brothers and my old man waiting hungrily, you took what you could get when you could get it!

“In our house, the development of my culinary skills can only be attributed to one person: the boss – aka my mother! Mum really is an amazing cook; I’m sure she could open any fridge in the country and cook a sensational meal from its contents without batting an eyelid.”

Taste of a traveller brett macgregor at Floating markets

While his mum’s influence helped Brett learn important skills, it was through his parent’s mum travels that he was first introduced to new flavours from all over the world. From China to Chile, they brought home spice mixes and ideas to ensure they could relive memories back home in the family kitchen.

“My parents’ passion for seeing the world and tasting new flavours ignited the same passion in me, and this was enhanced by anthropology studies at university. Here, food wasn’t just a meal – it was an experience of another culture. My studies spurred on years of travelling the globe, eating and learning the joys of another country’s food.”

Taste of a traveller brett macgregor at LAe Lay Grill

Brett visited Thailand recently and filmed a few episodes for his new TV series; Taste of a Traveller.

Taste of a traveller brett macgregor in Krabi

In Episode 1: Brett goes to Krabi in the south west of Thailand to learn how to create a full Thai meal. He learns from a local chef and then talks his way into a Muay Thai class with a Muay Thai master.

Taste of a traveller brett macgregor tries Muay Thai

If you’re in New Zealand, you can catch Taste of a Traveller on TV1, Saturdays at 430pm.

And if you’d like the recipe for Taste of a Traveller’s Chicken Coconut Soup, click here!

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