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While visiting Thailand is still something we are dreaming about due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, Centara Hotels and Resorts is helping to bring one aspect of Thailand to you: DIY video guides showing you how to create your home version of a Thai spa, with advice straight from the health gurus.

Centara Hotels and Resorts has produced a series of video guides to help you create a Thai spa in your own home.

Whether it is body scrubs, skin care routines, or massage therapy techniques, try their easy-to-make and easy-to-follow methods. If you are looking for a more active workout to stay fit, Centara has also prepared a collection of simple yet effective home workout videos and guides for you.

Bonus: they’re children-friendly! Start your Wellness at Home routine with these 5 Tips.

1. Get the Mood Just Right

Spa experiences are all about atmosphere – transform your bathroom into your own private Treatment Room. Turn on some relaxing tunes, lower the lights, light some scented candles and burn your favourite essential oil blend.

2. Preparing your skin – Face

Facial steamers are all the rage as they soften the skin, allowing deeper penetration of products. Don’t have a facial steamer? Create your own with a large bowl of boiled water (cooled enough so the steam doesn’t burn your skin) mixed with a few drops of essential oils that are refreshing and detoxing – lemon or peppermint work great. If you don’t have essential oils, simply steep lemon or peppermint tea in the water. Cover your head with a face towel and lean over the bowl for a few minutes, taking deep breathes.

3. Preparing your skin – Body

Dry Body Brushing is a fantastic way to remove dry skin (especially on the legs), improve circulation and lymphatic flow and get your whole system moving. A dry loofah works wonders – using brisk upward movements, start on your lower legs and gradually work your way up the body. Above the chest use downward movements. The process should just take a few minutes and you’ll feel great afterwards.

4. DIY Facial Masks

Making your own face masks is easy with just a few pantry essentials. Mix the following ingredients, gently spread over clean, damp skin and leave on for 5 – 10 minutes. Wash with warm water.

  • For Dry Skin: Mix 2 TBS avocado with 2 TBS coconut oil
  • For Combination Skin: warm 3 TBS uncooked oatmeal with 4 TBS milk until oatmeal has softened. Mix and let cool. Add enough honey to form a sticky, easily spreadable paste
  • For Oily Skin: Mix 1 egg white with 2 TBS lemon juice

5. DIY Body Scrubs

For each of the following, mix the ingredients and then rigorously rub over the body in circular movements (you may like to stand in the shower for this!). Wash off with warm water.

  • Coffee Coconut Scrub: Mix ¼ cup fresh ground coffee with ¼ cup coconut oil
  • Chocolate Sugar Polish: Mix ¼ cup brown sugar with ¼ cup cocoa powder. Add 3 TBS warm honey to form a paste
  • Herbal Sea Salt Scrub: Mix ¼ cup sea salt with 2 dry herbal tea bags and 7 drops of peppermint essential oil. Add enough carrier oil of your choice (jojoba, avocado or coconut) to form a paste

Visit the Centara Hotels and Resorts website for more video workouts and tips from the experts.

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