Baan Nam Chiao

“Ban Namchiao” which means torrent village. It is the canal that lead the people to the sea, so what the people make for a living is fishery and this is still how they live today. When you arrive at Ban Namchiao, you will obviously see a lot of fishing boats, big and small, gathering in the canal. Two religions live in harmony In Ban Namchiao, both Buddhists and Muslims live together with no religious boundary. If it is for the common good, they join hands. Religious conflict never happens here. When it is time for religious activities, they just walk their way and follow their faith.

Ban Namchiao: Visit all year round for various activities Thought it is a small community, but the village offers numerous activities almost throughout the year.

  • January-February: Camel kite flying in the field and kite crafting
  • April-August: Shows of traditional eel catching by hand and diving for catfish trapped in the bamboo flask. Visitors are allowed to watch only because the activities require mastery.
  • May-June: Season of various fruits. Visitors can taste fresh ones at the orchards
  • June-December: Season of fireflies and sparkling night all over the mangrove forest
  • October-November: Pu Paen (leaf porter crab) catching. It is an ingredient in the fish sauce and “Som Tum” (Thai Papaya Salad)
  • December: Traditional rowing boat race between villagers and tourists. Here is the only place in Thailand that uses bamboo sticks as the paddles.

Moreover, there are some activities offered throughout the year which are diving for duck’s bill shells, enjoying the scenery of the mangrove forest, bird and eagle watching, taking a boat to watch the red eagles at the mouth of the Gulf of Thailand, catching shrimps, crabs, and fish, and tapping rubber trees. For the last two on the list which are night activities, tourists should stay overnight.

Transportation: Namchiao is about 8 kilometers from Trat Province, on Highway No.3148. It is on the same way to Ko Chang.

Accommodation: There are several homestays provided for travelers who want to know Namchiao more profoundly.

For more information: Mrs. Surattana Pumimanoch (Noi), Head of the Ban Namchiao Community-based Tourism Club, Tel. +668 6 777 5033, +668 4 892 5374


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