Phuket is one of the oldest cities in Thailand

Phuket: Discover Thailand’s Largest Island and Stunning Archipelago

Explore the beauty of Phuket, a captivating southern province (changwat) in Thailand. This enchanting region encompasses not only the renowned Phuket Island, Thailand’s largest and most iconic island, but also a collection of 32 picturesque smaller islands dotting its coastline. Nestled in the azure embrace of the Andaman Sea, Phuket beckons with its alluring landscapes.

Situated off Thailand’s western shoreline, Phuket Island is seamlessly linked to Phang Nga Province to the north by the Sarasin Bridge. To the east lies the neighboring Krabi Province, separated by the stunning expanse of Phang Nga Bay. Embark on an unforgettable journey to Phuket, where tropical wonders await at every turn.


Phuket often referred to as the jewel of the Andaman Sea and renowned as Thailand’s largest island. Beyond its pristine beaches and captivating coastal sites, Phuket boasts a plethora of captivating on-land attractions that promise an unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in the charm of its Old Town, marvel at the intricate architecture of Wat Chalong, be awed by the majestic Big Buddha, and seek thrills at zipline parks. For the culturally inclined, there are Muay Thai camps to explore, while the conservation-minded can visit turtle sanctuaries and aquariums. Embrace the island’s flavors at cooking schools, where you can master the art of Thai cuisine. Experience the essence of Phuket through these remarkable activities and attractions, making your visit truly unforgettable.



With over 20 beaches in Phuket, everyone should be able to find the ones with the right atmospheres, scenery and facilities to their likings


Old Phuket Town

The Old Phuket Town is located along Thalang, Phang-nga, Yaowarat and Krabi roads


Wat Chalong

The famous temple in Phuket which features the gilt-covered statue of Luangpho Chaem


Laem Phromthep

Located on the southernmost tip of Phuket with a panoramic view, this viewpoint is famous for sunset watching


Wat Phra Yai or Wat Phra Phuttha Ming Mongkhon (Big Buddha)

Located on top Khao Nak Koet and commonly called ‘the Big Buddha’ this 45m tall statue is revered by both the people of Phuket and visitors alike


The Upside Down House

Located on Bypass Road (Chalermphrakiat Road), called Ban Teelanka in Thai, the pink house stands upside down


Off the coast / Water activities

The best time to enjoy off the coast activities in Phuket is between November till April, when it tends to have less rain and clear blue sea


Ziplining Experience

Adventure lovers can climb, swing, fly, soar, and walk through rainforest at one of several zipline adventure parks in Phuket


Local Bike Tours

Cycling tours along sandy Mai Khao beach, down country roads or past lush coconut groves teeming with wildlife are available


Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

Phuket is a great destination if you want to learn Muay Thai


Cooking Classes

There are many cooking classes on offer in Phuket. A typical day commences with a visit to the morning market


Dino Park Mini Golf

Located between Karon and Kata Beaches, this 18-hole mini-golf course uses the light and sound techniques to feature dinosaurs and an erupting volcano


Simon Cabaret

This hugely popular tourist attraction has been wowing audiences for years with its exotic, hilarious, and transvestite cabaret


Phuket Fantasea

Located in Hat Kamala, the Fantasea Cultural Theme Park brings Hollywood-sized, Las Vegas-style entertainment to the island


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Tuk Tuks are the small open sided vehicles  which can be found everywhere on the island. Most of them are red and they work just like taxis. Fares should be negotiated and agreed  before you hop in. As the seats are quite small, it is not recommended for long distance trip.  Fares depend on distance, time, weather and your negotiation skills.

Songthaews are the open aired local buses, mostly in blue-yellow. They follow fixed routes  with no fixed bus-stops so you just flag them when they pass by. Prices are fixed and much cheaper than Tuk Tuks and taxis but it takes longer to reach your destination. Some Songthaews are happy to be chartered when they don’t have other passengers. 

While this may be a convenient way to get around, it is not the safest way. If you have to use the service, wear the helmet and only do so for just short trips. They are usually stationed around the street corners. The drivers often wear colourfuled vests. 

Roads in and around Phuket are well signed in English so foreigners can easily drive around on their own. Car rental operators can be easily found at Phuket airport, Phuket town and the main roads along the main beaches such as Patong.