The best time to visit Thailand is during the winter and summer seasons which run from November to April each year. This is the time when we consider a high season. However, the low season from May to October which coincides with the rainy season features much cheaper accommodation.

As Thailand is full of activities, festivals, shopping malls and markets, cultural places, amusement parks to entertain visitors all year round, it is needless to say that Thailand is the place anyone can enjoy at any moment of the year.

During the rainy season (July to October) is the best time to enjoy waterfalls and trekking and hiking in the forests showcases the peak of the lush tropical greenery. That said, the cool season (November to February) provides refreshing breezes and the trees are generally green

There are three seasons in Thailand, although what they are called and when they start is subject to much debate.

The Summer “hot” season runs essentially from March through to June, with temperatures between 33 C – 48 C in the day, and not below 27 C at night.

The Monsoon “rainy” season runs from July through to November with frequent heavy rain around 5.00pm. The temperatures range from 32 C during the day to 16 C at night.

The winter “cool” season runs from November through to February with temperatures at 32C during the day, to a bearable 16 C at night, although in the North, it could be as low as 12 C.

This also doubles up as the dry season During the rainiest months of July to November, we recommend that you pack a light waterproof jacket and a pair of closed shoes.

There are a number of domestic carriers that allow air transportation around Thailand including such destinations as Krabi, Chiang mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket, Phitsanulok, Sukhothai, Nan, Lampang, Ubon ratchathani and to all the major destinations in Thailand. The domestic airlines available for you to travel within Thailand are:

Thai airways (www.thaiairways.com)
Bangkok airways (www.bangkokair.com)
Nok Air (www.nokair.com),
Air Asia (www.airasia.com)
Thai Smiles (www.thaismileair.com/en)


The available facilities for mothers and kids in Thailand include nursery centers, theme parks, and learning centers. Recommended places in Bangkok for moms and kids include Dream World and the Science Center for Education.

While we don’t recommend a specific guidebook to plan your trips, to avoid unexpected troubles, online research and information from various guidebooks can provide invaluable information as Bangkok can present some challenges for those with physical disabilities. Once in Thailand ask for assistance if you need it – Thais are friendly and accommodating and will help if they can. Spend a little extra on modern hotels with suitable facilities and don’t forget to check that they meet your requirements before making reservations.

The electricity in Thailand is 220 volts, 50 cycles per second. Most receptacles in Thailand have two prongs, missing the third earth prong at the bottom. However, the newest office and condominium dwellings usually offer the third prong due to increased awareness of the importance of grounding for both safety and equipment damage reasons.

In Bangkok, where the major business and commercial transactions are held, English is widely spoken, written and understood. Further, in most hotels, shops and restaurants of major tourist destinations, English and some European Languages are spoken, written, and understood

Usually, fixed prices are the norm in department stores, while bargaining is expected at most other places. Generally, you can obtain a final figure of between 10-40% lower than the original asking price. Much depends on your skills and the shopkeeper’s mood. But remember, Thais appreciate good manners and a sense of humor. With patience and a broad smile, you will not only get a better price, you will also enjoy shopping as an art.

In case you lost your passport, make file a report at the nearest police station immediately. Take a copy of FIR report to your national embassy in Thailand in order to issue a new travelling document.