Prasat Muang Singh Historical Park

Muang Singh historical park marks the western-most point of the once vast Khmer empire. Historians estimate that Prasat Mueang Singh and surrounding structures on the bank of Kwai Noi River were built between 857 and 1157. The temple, dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, was abandoned until the reign of King Rama I when the area of Mueang Singh acted as a stronghold to protect the Kingdom from invasion from the West. 

In Khmer temple architecture, the central prang (Khmer style tower) in the inner sanctuary represents Mount Meru, the center of the universe in Hindu belief. The central prang enshrines the linga, the sacred symbol symbolizing the power of Shiva. Of another large temple, only the foundation remains. The historical park contains two other, smaller Khmer structures.

Strolling around the grounds of Prasat Muang Singh can be extremely hot, as there are few shaded areas where you can take a rest. However you can rent a bicycle and explore the ruin site on two wheels. The historical park is set in a very attractive, relaxed setting with forests and the Khwae Noi river running past it.