7 Great Sustainable Tour Companies in Thailand

A renewed focus on sustainable tourism in Thailand has seen a rise of tourism-focussed social enterprises and community tourism experiences. Here’s our pick of 7 stand-out sustainable tour experiences in Thailand.

1. Hivesters

HiveSters, a tour company founded by two sisters with a family background in travel, has a mission to preserve authentic Thai culture by empowering local masters to share their skills. Their extensive range of tours includes a foodie experience in Phuket’s Old Town and a natural detox on an organic farm near Chiang Mai. Hivesters.com

2. Nutty’s Adventures.

Award-winning responsible tourism company Nutty’s Adventures specialises in community-based tours, from going off-the-beaten-track in Phayao Province in Northern Thailand, to working alongside farmers in rice paddies in Nakhon Pathom. Nutty-adventures.com

3. Courageous Kitchen

Offering several food-related experiences, including market tours, street food tours, family cooking classes and noodle-making demonstrations Courageous Kitchen provides a fun and informative tourism experience while helping marginalised youth and children in Bangkok. Courageouskitchen.org

4. Hands Across the Water

Hands Across the Water’s annual Ride to Provide is an epic long-distance bike ride, covering 800 scenic kilometres along the Gulf of Thailand in eight days. Money raised provides critical funding for this remarkable charity, providing a future for impoverished orphans. Handsacrossthewater.org.au

5. Socialgiver

Launched in 2015, Socialgiver aims to bridge the gap between local business owners, consumer ans social projects, providing a shopping platform, selling everything from homeware and baked goods to resort stays and day tours, with profits donated to social projects throughout Thailand. Socialgiver.com

6. Local Alike

Local Alike is a travel company that offers a wide range of immersive community-based responsible tourism experiences, taking travellers off the beaten path with an opportunity to contribute to the preservation of environment, culture, and local ways of life. localalike.com

7. SiamRise Travel

SiamRise Travel specialises in cultural tours and homestay experiences. All activities and experiences have been co-created with locals to consider the social impact and create a positive impact in the local environment, education, economy, and society.  siamrisetravel.com

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