Amazing New Chapters

After one of the toughest years in tourism history, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Sydney Office (TAT) celebrated Loy Krathong with the launch of a new marketing campaign: Amazing New Chapters.

After the Great Lockdown, the tourism industry is anticipating the Great Reboot and of course the Great Rebound.

The ‘Visit Thailand Year 2022’ campaign focusses on three ‘Amazing New Chapters’ inviting the world’s travellers to experience a deeper connection with the Kingdom’s unique culture and precious environment.

Chapter 1: Awaken Your Senses

This chapter highlights tourism products and services that will awaken all five senses; delicious Thai cuisine and the picturesque natural scenery that can be discovered all throughout the kingdom.

Chapter 2: The One You Love

Chapter 2 focuses on tourism segments including families, couples, and friends, inviting travellers to create wonderful memories together in Thailand.

Chapter 3: The Earth We Care

This chapter aims to highlight how nature has been revitalised. The COVID-19 situation has increased ecotourism awareness among the world’s travellers and how their behaviour has impacted the environment. There is an increased trend to spending more time in nature and being increasingly conscious of the impact on natural resources.

Another focus for TAT is communicate a passion for Responsible Travel, something tourism operators throughout Thailand have embraced, providing a higher quality experience for their guests as a result. This has been achieved by considering all tourism implications on the environment, wildlife, plantations, and local Thai communities, providing tourists with a more meaningful experience.

In 2022, TAT expects the tourism sector to generate THB 1.58 trillion, accounted around 50 per cent of the pre-COVID 19 era, which includes 51 per cent international and 49 per cent domestic.

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