Andaman Sea Adventures

Linda De Angelis has travelled all over the world as a professional travel advisor and recently launched an inspired travel blog, Destination Seredipity, to share her most inspiring journeys. One of Linda’s most cherished journeys was sailing Thailand’s Andaman Sea. Here’s an extract from Linda’s inspired blog!

There is nothing like sailing on a shimmering azure blue sea, into a tropical secluded cove with palm-fringed, pristine white sandy beaches. A gentle breeze drifting you in under a billowing sail. All you can hear is the waves lapping by the side of the boat & the sound of your summer playlist! That’s the feeling you have when you go sailing on the beautiful Andaman Sea.

Known as the Pearl of the Andaman Sea, Phuket is in the southern part of Thailand, and the jump off point for Andaman Sea sailing adventures, a tropical wonderland with more than 200 islands to explore. Imagine a place where you can wind your way through emerald waters, an exotic place where you can discover coves & caves, uninhabited islands, unspoilt white sandy beaches & breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

My favourite way to visit a marine paradise is by a private skippered charter. The yacht becomes your hotel & transportation too, it’s just perfect, you sail on sparkling waters from morning to evening. It’s the ultimate freedom, you can stop where you want, whenever you like. It is fantastic to have the option to dine on board or stop for lunch & dinner at a new restaurant or resort every day.

For the real sailing enthusiasts, there are also the world-famous sailing regattas – with the most famous being the “Phuket King’s Cup Regatta” race held around the end of November or early December every year. It’s very popular amongst both the local & international sailing community.


The Andaman Sea is a fantastic place to snorkel, but for the divers, this is known to be one of the best locations for scuba-diving in the world.

There are just so many beautiful places to see, these are a select few that are also stunning to visit. Tonsai Bay is where you’ll find one of the best beaches in Southeast Asia. The island of Ko Khai Nok is beautiful to kayak, swim & snorkel, its shallow shores teeming with marine life.

Other highlights sailing the Andaman Sea include the Similan and Surin Islands to the north, and Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta to the south.

If you are considering exploring the Andaman Sea by yacht charter – I highly recommend Moorings & Sunsail, who have a fleet of Yachts available to charter in Phuket, you can hire a skipper & cook too if you need.

Visit Linda’s blog Destination Seredipity, for a detailed description of the many islands, coves and caves and culture fixes to be found in the Andaman Sea,

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