Welcome to Hug Thailand, the official blog of the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Welcome to our new blog! We plan to use this blog to keep all our Australian friends up to date with everything that’s happening in Thailand and hopefully inspire you to visit.

Along the way we’ll share news of upcoming events and festivals, share insights, suggest places to go that you might not have heard of and give you some ideas on what to do while you’re here.

If you’re looking for wedding and honeymoon ideas, read on and find out what happened in our recent Month of Love. We’ll also give you some ideas if you’re holidaying with kids, share news of new resort openings and provide how-to guides for all sorts of active holidays, including cycling, diving, surfing and hiking.

If you’re looking for wellness retreats, we’ll get to that to, as well as cooking schools, yoga retreats and medi-spa holidays.

So if you’d like to find out more, and get up close and personal with Thailand, subscribe to out newsletter and we’ll aim to inspire you once a month.

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