Ultimate 12 hour guide to Bangkok

Aussie YouTuber Paddy Jenkins makes videos about Thailand and Thai culture & language both in Thailand and Sydney, Australia. Since 2019, ‘Thai Talk with Paddy’ has become one of the biggest and most recognised channels on Youtube related to Thailand and Thai language content.

Here’s Paddy’s Ultimate 12 Hour Guide to Bangkok – perfect for first time visitors!

7 activities for first time visitors in Bangkok.

    1. Ride river boat along Chao Phraya River
    2. Explore Song Wat Road
    3. Ride an electric Tuk Tuk
    4. Take a photo with Giant Swing
    5. Visit the Golden Mount
    6. Ride a canal boat
    7. Explore street food at Banthat Thong Street

View more of Paddy’s Vlogs on his popular YouTube Channel: Thai Talk with Paddy.

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