THATraveller’s guide to Bangkok’s Temples

Travel blogger Holly O’Sullivan (THATraveller) shares her tips to help you navigate your way through the best of Bangkok’s temples. The Grand Palace and Wat Phrakaew Undoubtedly Bangkok’s most famous landmark, the Grand Palace continues to draw crowds with its history, beautiful architecture and intricate detail. It’s a complex of several impressive buildings, temples ‘wats’, […]

A Guide to Phuket with kids

Planning a trip to Phuket with kids? Wondering where to go, what to see, where to stay? Boy Eats World blogger Aleney De Winter recently visited with her kids Raffles and Sugarpuff, and they have quite a few suggestions…

Married in an Octopus’s Garden

Hug Thailand guest blogger and award-winning travel writer, Roderick Eime, follows the sometimes crazy wedding trail through Trang. On the big wedding day, some people are happy to quickly run down to the registry office for a no-fuss event and maybe a few drinks afterwards. Others get married by Elvis in Las Vegas while some […]

Swimming with a naked Russian on Koh Chang

Guest blogger and award-winning Australian travel writer Louise Southerden finds an unusual swimming companion on Koh Chang island. I’m not quite sure what my first thought was on seeing the wiry, bearded man walking towards me along the beach that first morning. Sure, he looked normal enough, in his straw hat, shorts and T-shirt. But […]

Deep-water solo and sailing in Krabi

Guest blogger and award-winning Australian travel writer Louise Southerden makes a splash while rock climbing in Krabi, southern Thailand. “This is not cliff-jumping. We know the difference. We are climbers.” So says a sign outside a climbing school advertising “deep-water solo” trips in Tonsai, one of two beaches on Krabi’s Railay peninsula, the one where […]

Hidden Gems of the North: Nan and Phrae

Guest blogger John Borthwick recently travelled north to explore a pair of hidden gems; two historic Thai towns. “Nan and Phrae — where are they?” It’s a common response when you mention these historic, north Thailand towns. They might be off the major tourist trail but they’re still easily found: just head 560 kilometres up […]